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Providing excellence in service, quality and value for all phases of your painting needs.


- Preparation of Homes and Condos for Sale or Rent

Knowing which details to highlight and what requires attention, is the key to successful turnovers. Using firsthand experience to guide you through the details of successfully presenting your home in the marketplace for quick sale or rent.

- Wall and Ceiling Repairs and Restoration

It's common in homes around here to have areas of walls and ceilings with cracks, peeling paint and other imperfections. You may have thought that the only way to have smooth surfaces is with new plaster or new walls. Not the case. They can be repaired and restored without the cost or trouble of new plaster or new wall replacement. We repair them for a fraction of the replacement cost.

-Drywall and Plaster Repair

New England homes have charm and age to match. Imperfections are common everyday occurrences and there is a normal amount of repair maintenance which we come to expect. We fix them at minimal expense.

-Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper was a common alternative to paint in many homes in the area over the years. Today most people choose to remove it. Getting rid of it is easier said than done. We offer affordable wallpaper removal and wall preparation.

-Color Consultation

Rely on experience and know how when it comes to color selection. The choices in color schemes are completely overwhelming. Let us suggest solutions to you based on first hand knowledge and experience.

-Faux Finishes

Wanting that special something to round out a room and make it pop. How can it come to life? We guide you through alternatives that we've used and that work successfully. Classic and timeless finishes are those which are adaptable. We specialize in binging you distinctive finishes which can fit into your home.

-Venetian Plaster

A faux finish with a three dimensional textured quality and translucent luster and sheen. Hard to produce and very expensive in the past, this surface is now available in an array of tones and color saturations. This finish adds tremendous appeal as an accent, a highlight or the focal point of any living space. We are able to offer this product at affordable rates.

-Coordinating the Project

Plan concise steps through your next project. Create a timeline and establish how deadlines will be met. Eliminate the hassle and stress by keeping everything on track. Have peace of mind with an organized timeline.

-Outdoor Decks, Patios and Entry Areas

Recharge them for the outdoor seasons. The harsh winter weather is hard on outside exposed surfaces. Prepare the surfaces properly and restore luster and life to these surfaces by applying saturating stains and treatments which will help to preserve and protect them.

-Outdoor Door and Window Trim, Porches, Patios and Balconies

There is nothing to use to protect outdoor painted surfaces from the environment other than the paints and stains used on them. Regular maintenance over time helps to maintain these surfaces. There is little you can do to prevent peeling, cracking and chipping exterior paint. Prepare and repaint it properly and it will last for years.

-Power-washing Outdoor Surfaces

This is a very cost effective way to clean outdoor wooden surfaces of any dirt, residue and loose particles in preparation of staining and treatment.

One advantage to cleaning surfaces in this manner is that it allows staining and treatment products to penetrate and saturate more deeply.

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