and After

I hope that you know how pleased we are with the work that you have done in our home. This is the second project that we have asked you back for. We are so grateful for your care and good work, that we can't wait to start a third.
We've grown accustomed to you reliability. Oh, I hope you don't mind if I refer a few friends your way.

Anne W.
Belmont, Ma.

You made the painting process so simple, it was a pleasure. You stayed on deadline and within the budget and everything looks amazing. Professional with a personal touch. I can't say enough.
Barbara C.
Cambridge, Ma.

All of these color swatches were so confusing.Not only did you make the colors easy, you took care of the planning and preparation of everything else.
It was exactly what we needed. Thanks for making the whole process go so smoothly.
Janet D.
Arlington, Ma.

We are so thrilled. It's hard to imagine it's the same space. I don't even rcognize the walls and ceilings. I look forward to working with you on all our future projects.
George B.
Brookline, Ma.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... I never would have guessed in a million years that the Venetian Plaster accent wall that you recommended would have worked out like it did. It's incredible. Everyone who comes to our home comments on how it changes the space and how great the transformation is.
Judy D.
Cambridge, Ma.

We had no idea how to organize our new space. You not only had suggestions about the layout, you also had great color sense and recommendations. It all worked so well. It's our favorite part of the house now. We can't thank you enough.
Brian B.
Cambridge, Ma.

When you came to do our first floor painting work, I was very concerned about paint fumes and environmental safety. You took the time to show me what was safe and why. You also showed me all of the eco- green alternatives and allowed me to make an educated choice. Your recommendations were right. The fumes were never a problem for my family. Thanks for all of your help.
Megan C.
Belmont, Ma.

Well I've got to admit you were right. I didn't need to replace the walls and ceilings with new ones in my dining room and entry foyer. They just needed to be fixed right, like you said. I saved a good deal of money and a lot of aggravation. You helped me out a lot.
Walter D.
Brookline, Ma.

I felt like I was at wit's end with this whole lead paint issue. It was going to cost a fortune to remove it. Then I wasn't even sure that it would work. Your lead paint encapsulation recommendation was a godsend: a complete solution that is affordable and resolved the entire issue with minimal effort.
Marjorie T.
Cambridge, Ma.

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