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Eco Friendly Green Products

Pro Painters of Cambridge, MA, Boston, environmental interior painting specialists, are pleased to be a part of the evolution of eco friendly green painting products and materials for preparation, application and finishing. These products emit reduced pollutants, offer cost effective, affordable, superb finishes and minimize environmental impact. If you can imagine the perfect paint, this is very close to it. Itís got a full bodied thick texture, offers great coverage, fantastic deep, rich, luminous, color saturation and itís water based, which means easy clean up. There is a vast array of colors and finishes from which to choose.

A critical byproduct of these environmentally sound products, has been the extraordinary quality of the paints resulting from the eco friendly green evolution of research and development. While taking the time and effort to remove the chemical solvents, they are producing a far superior product.

While minimizing our impact on the environment and creating a sustainable resource,
they have also advanced and cultivated an exceptional product which creates a rich, luminous paint finish and surface with extraordinary color saturation. In addition to being strong and long lasting, they require no maintenance. They are safe, durable and color fast interior paints that are also competitively priced and affordable.

Extensive analysis and advancement by manufacturers has resulted in the manufacture of paints with low and no VOCís, that contain fewer harmful toxins and chemicals. VOCís are volatile organic compounds and refer to the gases produced by chemicals which were used as solvents. Solvents become gases which linger in the air indefinitely. Low and no VOC products use only water as a solvent, thus preventing the formation of dangerous gases and the irritation these chemicals cause. In many instances, low and no VOC interior painting products are a standard requirement in new construction.

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